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Continuous Austempering
Vacuum Furnace
Induction Hardening


Carburizing, Carbo-Nitriding & Through Hardening

  • AHTS can process up to 18,000 lb. per day for Carburizing and Carbo-Nitriding for sizes up to 27 Vertically, 50 Horizontally
  • AHTS can process up to 22,000 lb. per day for Through Hardening up to 27 Vertically, 50 Horizontally

Continuous Austempering
AHTS has recently installed a STATE OF THE ART and MOST VERSATILE Austempering Line. Austempering is a specialized process that provides exceptional distortion control and toughness at high hardness. This is achieved by isothermally transforming steel to produce predominantly bainitic microstructure.

Vacuum Heat Treating

  • AHTS has Vacuum Hardening Capability.
  • AHTS has Vacuum Annealing Capability.
  • AHTS can handle sizes up to 30 Vertically and 53 Horizontally.
  • AHTS has Vacuum Brazing Capability.

Induction Hardening

  • AHTS has installed an Induction Hardening Machine of 10 kHz with 250 kW capacity and the unit can scan parts up to 60 inch in length and end harden up to 10 feet


  • AHTS can handle lengths up to 96 vertically in Gas Nitriding.
  • AHTS performs 2 stage Gas Nitriding Process to control white layer.

Normalizing/ Annealing/ Stress Relieving

  • AHTS can handle load size of 15,000 lbs. & 96" X 48" X 48" in size

Metallurgical Laboratory

  • AHTS has a fully equipped metallurgical lab on site to conduct all hardness testing, metallographic examination and micro-analysis under the supervision of a metallurgist with Ph.D. degree in Metallurgical Engineering.

Customer Service

  • AHTS offers the best customer service in the industry.
  • Excellent on-time delivery
  • Top quality at a reasonable competitive price
  • With excellent Metallurgical background it offers technical support and advice to the customers towards improving their product by change of material and/or by alternative heat treatment.