Heat Treating Services

Heat Treating Processes & Services

AHTS is a solutions oriented company providing heat treating in a healthy & safe environment.

Carbo Nitriding
Atmosphere Oil Quenching
Nitro Carburizing
Induction Hardening
Continuous Austempering
Batch Austempering
Cryogenic Treatment
Passivaiton Treatment
Hardening (Vacuum & Open Furnace)
Age Hardening (Vacuum & Open Furnace)
Vacuum Hardening
Vacuum Brazing
Vacuum Solution Annealing
Annealing (Vacuum & Open Furnace)
Normalizing (Vacuum & Open Furnace)
Stress Relieving (Vacuum & Open Furnace)
Hot Setting
Micro Hardness Profiles Test
Metallographic Examination
Metallurgical/Hardness Testing
Certificate Of Compliance
Heat Charts

AHTS’s best assets in the lab and the shop floor are it’s team. Starting with President & CEO of the company, a Senior Metallurgical Engineer with over 30 years of extensive experience in wide variety of Heat treating processes, with competent and capable staff on board. Combined, AHTS have over 100+ years or expertise in heat treating and providing solutions to heat treating problems to variety of industries.

AHTS takes immense pride building customer relations; by providing Top quality service and On-Time Delivery at reasonable competitive price. AHTS also offers, valuable technical support, advice on heat treatment and/or material solutions as well as product improvement to our customers, with proven metallurgical background

AHTS is dedicated to continually improve its customer relationships by meeting and exceeding their expectations through Delivery, Quality & Communication


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