Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

AHTS Laboratory has a complete line of testing equipment that can be used to inspect and analyze the results of the various treatments performed in the facility.

AHTS has a complete metallurgical laboratory which includes Cut-off, Mounting, and Polishing, Etching facilities and an Optical microscope with a Digital Camera for Metallurgical examination and for recording photomicrographs. Lab is also equipped with Rockwell, Rockwell superficial, Brinell Hardness and Micro-Hardness testers and has a digital Rockwell tester for precise testings.

AHTS quality system is certified to ISO 9001-2015 standard and is compliant with AIAG CQI-9 requirements of furnace temperature and atmosphere controls and their calibration and validation.

AHTS uses a 3 Gas Analyzer, Certified Thermocouples and a hand held Thermometer to validate the furnace atmosphere and thermocouples to conform with CQI-9.

AHTS uses Statistical Process Control Tools to validate all in-house processes.

AHTS is dedicated to continually improve its customer relationships by meeting and exceeding their expectations through Delivery, Quality & Communication


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